About application and high efficiency filter in the pharmaceutical industry

by:Booguan     2020-11-01
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when it comes to the pharmaceutical industry, you first think of is clean, is rigorous, the pharmaceutical industry is very high to the requirement of health and safety, the understanding of the pharmaceutical industry should know, active pharmaceutical ingredients and in the preparation of tablets and capsules purification process will produce a high concentration of dust, the dust will endanger health of operators and with the risk of explosion. Therefore in the pharmaceutical industry, dust filter is an important link in the filter technology, therefore, high efficiency filter is applied.

used filter should be know, filter usually need a lot of maintenance work to deal with parts of loss, this means that you need to take up a lot of time and money. That how to solve these problems?

general high-tech content filtering system must be able to meet the requirements of impermeability and explosion-proof, at the same time ensure that reach a higher level of air filtration product. These aspects constitute the core value of the high quality filtering system, which is continuous and high levels of filtering efficiency, small maintenance workload at the same time.

wo yi as a professional filter supplier, the development for many years, to the masses of customers to provide all kinds of demand of filter equipment, high efficiency filter will not lack of nature. Wo yi efficient filter through three technology comprehensive optimization of filter, implementation can be clean, don't have to be replaced, to ensure the performance of the , at the same time can be a good filter element and filter cleaning technology and clean program design and control, therefore, the service life of filter element can be extended to more than one year.

at the same time, in terms of impermeability, complex filter replacement operation can be finished in a short time work, and greatly reduces the change of frequency. Overall, reduced the filter equipment downtime, improve the work efficiency and operation safety of the equipment.

in the pharmaceutical industry will cause because of the dust pollution and health damage, and the risk of explosion, as a result, high efficiency filter is indispensable in the pharmaceutical industry equipment, only use good filtering equipment, to improve the working environment safety, to ensure that the staff work, in order to improve the overall work environment and working efficiency.

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