A good way to make life clean dust-free use tablet filter

by:Booguan     2020-11-02
Filter equipment

flat filter is mainly used for filtering dust particles in the air, its structure is simple, frame materials have a paper box, aluminum frame, filtering material is non-woven fabrics, activated carbon filter material, metal mesh, barbed wire and galvanized barbed wire fence. Low price, low cost, for enterprise development is up to the high efficiency and energy saving and cost saving. Its purpose is mainly used for pre filter is used in air conditioning system and purification request is not high comfort air conditioning system equipment. To filter the dust in the air, make the environmental air quality have been improved greatly.

flat filter, commonly used is the primary filters, such as the primary filter air conditioning and ventilation system, also applies to just simple level filtering air conditioning and ventilation system. In the primary stage, so it can be large particle molecules in the air filter products, big limit will filter out the dirt in air. Make the space or home office environment reaches a certain cleanliness, also make the air conditioning equipment better work, more clean and healthy air emissions.

flat filter frame type generally can be divided into general cardboard box and aluminum frame, filter element for fiber filter material, contains single wire mesh. Beautiful, give a person with beautiful feeling, already practical beautiful. Structure is strong and durable, material selection of wear-resistant solid metal materials, coupled with filter cloth is fiber, more durable, and high efficiency. General cardboard box used in the manufacture of non-standard specifications of the filter, filter production can be used for any specification, has high strength, unfavorable deformation characteristics. High strength to touch and cardboard used in the manufacture of standard specifications of the filter, is characterized by the specification of high precision, and beautiful, the cost is low. Comparing aluminum shell, more durable, but also relatively beautiful appearance design, filtering effect is more, the service life is longer.

now on the market of tablet filter types are different, consumers can choose according to need. Appearance of the cardboard box plate filter, high precision specifications but beautiful and low cost, suitable for cosmetic requirements is not high, cost-effective consumer. Exterior aluminum frame plate filter, due to the casing outside the metal is, durable, not changeful form, and relatively beautiful appearance, suitable for consumers of product requirements higher.

in the flat filter used in the process, must pay attention to the regular inspection and dust removal, to do a good job of cleaning on a regular basis, can play a role, prolong service life. Let the life, clean health.

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