A brief history of the development of filter

by:Booguan     2020-10-30
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in the pipeline tend to have a device that can not lack, it is generally installed in a reducing valve, relief valve, water valve. The filter is usually composed of several parts. The sections are respectively cylinder, stainless steel mesh, sewage, part, transmission device and electrical control parts. When need to deal with water after filter mesh, its impurities will be blocked, even clear it has need to remove the filter cartridge. Filter in many water treatment industry is a very popular device. For this kind of equipment, you know how much of it? A brief history of the development of you know it? We learn together.

in China ancient times some filtering technique is often used in the production of park, about 200 years ago, there has been one of the four great inventions, our country is one important invention of paper-making technique, this paper is usually made of plant fiber. In 105 AD, when the famous scientist of papermaking method was improved by CAI lun. It in the process of papermaking plant fiber pulp swing on the special fine fine bamboo curtain. When the water through the bamboo curtain gap after air filtration product, there will be a layer of wet pulp in bamboo curtain, when the pulp will become after dry paper. You don't look at we are always in the technical development of some paper, in fact, this has a larger contact with the development of the filter.

to filter a brief history of the development of a deeper understanding of people will find that, in ancient China's most filtering methods are gravity filter, slowly in later development in the process of using the method of pressure, pressure method once adopted, greatly improves the speed of the filter, in the next development process, has been a vacuum filter. With the continuous development of technology, the beginning of the 20th century, developed a fairly advanced filters, this filter is called rotary drum vacuum filter, this filter is realized the benefits of continuous operation.

this is the introduction to share with my friends in the development history of the filters. In the 20th century, all kinds of continuous filter has appeared slowly, some intermittent operation of the filter also because can realize automated operation and obtained fast development, the area of the filter are becoming more and more big. In order to get some of the moisture content lower residue, mechanical press filter began to get faster development.

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