a better air filter may help you breathe easier this summer

by:Booguan     2020-09-04
Eamon O\'Flynn from 3m called me today and told me a story.
He wants to help clarify the misconceptions that air filters are important only for winter.
He noted that allergies can be severe and rapid in the summer and that the correct filter will help.
Of course, he recommended a product from 3m Company --
Filtrete microallergens reduce the filter by 1000.
The product is not fresh, he explained, but the fact that air filters can have a significant impact on indoor air quality is not known.
\"For families whose allergies are a problem, we would recommend this product.
Here\'s the product pitch Eamon that comes with his follow-up email: \"Filtrete microallergen reduction filter 1000 provides an easy way to help reduce air allergens in your home
This filter captures particles in a large amount of air from the air passing through them, including dust, pollen, and mold spores.
They also capture tiny air particles such as pet dandruff, smoke and smoke.
These filters last for 3 months, superior to all non-electrostatic (three-
Monthly pleats, washable and fiberglass 1 \")filters.
\"Maybe you should look at your air filter products if you are an allergic patient.
Maybe a better air filter products will help you breathe easier this summer.
I haven\'t tried it myself.
But it\'s got my interest, so I think I should share it.
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