5 diy home auto repairs

by:Booguan     2020-09-03
There are not enough sources to encourage people to try to repair their cars, either through the Internet or in person.
It is clear that we are not talking about transmission repairs of any kind, any major engine repairs, electrical repairs, etc.
There is a reason why these types of repairs are best left to professionals.
They are extremely complex and dangerous (
For some repairs)
, Spend time in the best case.
However, this does not explain the complete story of the car repair.
Some repairs can be done easily at home, which will save you some money and time.
When I say these repairs save you time, I mean you don\'t have to drive anywhere, you don\'t have to wait in the customer lounge for someone to see your car, finally fix it and bring it back to you.
The money-saving part is also very direct.
If you do your own work, the cost of repair will not be that much, we all agree.
And a sum of money.
Saving aspects that may be ignored in some casesthe parts.
Almost every repair shop you can take your car to will charge a premium for the parts they have installed on your car.
I want to be totally fair to the repair shop at this point;
This is almost a common practice across the industry and they should mark these parts as keeping profits.
My point is that the parts you can fix yourself will pay less.
Here is a list of 5 DIY car maintenance for your reference.
Be sure to check here for a list of tools that need to be done with these fixes.
Note: more than 5 repairs can be carried out at home.
It will depend on your skill level and the comfort of the car repair.
These 5 are very basic and can be done by almost anyone with any skill level. 1.
Engine air filter and cabin air filter products (if equipped).
Let\'s start with the most basic and simple repairs anyone can do.
For almost all engines, you can buy air filters from the local auto parts store for $15 or less and replace them in about 10 minutes.
The average price of the repair shop is between $20, which is very harmless.
If it\'s not clear where the air filter is or how to remove it, a quick search on YouTube will show you how and how to operate.
The cabin air filter products is something that few enough people know about.
This filter helps clean the air you breathe in the car.
It will be installed in the inlet air flow of the HVAC housing.
Similarly, YouTube will provide a quick and easy answer to change this situation.
Most of the places I \'ve seen, the cost of this repair is close to $50, and you can buy this part for about $20.
About 20-
It can be replaced by yourself in 30 minutes, because some only need about 5 minutes, so it is easy to reduce. 2.
Throttle body cleaning.
We will take a step forward along the intake process and talk about the throttle body cleaning.
The idea here is to remove carbon from the air inlet (throttle body)
For your engine.
This is almost always packaged as part of the fuel system service, costing between $190 and $250.
It will cost about $15 a can of throttle cleaner.
You just remove the air pipe from the air filter products box to the engine and you will see the throttle body.
You will also see where the carbon is accumulated.
Be sure to read your master\'s manual to make sure your throttle body can be cleaned with a cleaner.
A small part will be coated with a coating on it, effectively preventing carbon build-up, but this ratio is very small.
As for the rest of the fuel system services, they are not required.
There have been a number of studies showing that fuel tank additives that clean carbon from valves can cause more problems than they fix, as do pressurized nozzle cleaners.
If there is no blockage, why clean it up?
The port on the fuel spray nozzle is small and almost invisible.
Believe me, you will know if that little hole is blocked. 3. Tune-up.
Now, we will continue to enter the engine along the same process.
Adjustment for most new vehicles
Up only includes the replacement of spark plugs.
On the old car, a tune --
Up includes replacement of the following products: spark plug, spark plug wire, distributor cover and rotor.
The second version of a tune
What I\'m listing is a more complex fix.
Unless you are comfortable under the hood, I would suggest you go to a professional.
In early 2000, however, automakers began using secondary ignition devices (
There is a spark plug in this system)
There\'s a coil-on-plug design.
This means that each plug has an ignition coil that does not need to be replaced unless a fault occurs. So a tune-
For most modern vehicles, just remove the ignition coil and replace the spark plug below. Four-
The cylinder engine is very easy while 6-and 8-
The cylinder engine can take a little more time-consuming.
It all depends on the type of car you have.
Again, YouTube will be your best friend.
For reference, a 4-cylinder tune-
The price of Up is usually more than $115, and the price of each is about $3.
The more cylinders you have, the more expensive it will be to repair, but the price of earbuds remains the same.
You can see how you can save a lot of money by doing it yourself.
A quick note on the price of the spark plug --platinum-
The pointed plug is more expensive.
About $12.
$15 per plug, so be sure to take this into account in your decision. 4. Front brakes.
This fix is much easier than most people think.
You lift the front of the vehicle, remove the tires, remove the calipers and/or mounting brackets passing through the rotor, and then remove the rotor.
Be sure to comply with all appropriate safety precautions when lifting the vehicle and removing any brake parts, but this is indeed as simple as the steps I have listed.
Almost all repair shops will try to get you to pay for the rotor to re-surface.
It never really meant anything to me.
If the rotor is twisted, you will feel the brake pulse when you step on the brake.
This is definitely a safety issue, and re-laying the rotor will take away the pulsating but also some thickness of the rotor, which makes it easier for the same thing to happen again.
In theory, this also increases the labor force for store charges.
Unfortunately, many stores will charge you the same labor cost as replacing the rotor because they will reappear and you will pay a higher price for starting the rotor.
For regular passenger cars, you can buy front brake pads and 2 new rotors for $100 or less from the local parts store.
At the repair shop, you will pay $220 and pay for the front brake work that does not include the replacement of the rotor.
It will be a while
Spend, but it will only take an hour or two on Saturday afternoon, which may save you $100. 5.
Post-differential service.
This fix does not apply to any front-wheel-drive vehicle;
This is only for rear wheel drive.
This is a very basic service, the same as the oil change and transmission service.
You remove the cover from the reading differential, allowing all the fluid to drain, replace the gasket or scrape off the old one, and clean it so that it is possible to apply the new one, install the cover and fill the liquid.
If you do this service every 35,000 minutes
40,000 miles, it will greatly extend the life of your differential gear.
The service for basic rear-wheel drive vehicles starts at $100 and is easy to get up from there.
There are not many fluids in the differential, only 2. 5-3.
When it\'s full of 5 quarts.
You can buy 4 quart identification fluid for about $7 per quart, and the sealer takes about $10$15.
This fluid can cost more if it\'s synthetic fluid, but you\'ll still be below $100 and save yourself some money.
This is the whole list I gave you.
You will notice that there is an obvious omission on my list. an oil change!
The reason I removed this from the list is because of the cost.
All modern engines, and the vast majority of old-fashioned ones, have at least 5 quarts of oil.
The standard price for a quart of oil is about $6.
So if you don\'t have an engine that holds 6, 7, or more off-gas, you will pay an extra tax of $30 to replenish your engine.
Before you buy the oil filter, all of this-
You\'re about $10. $20.
So if you go to the parts store and your engine has the cheapest oil changing parts, you will pay about $40.
Repair shops, especially dealers, always offer oil change services at very favorable prices.
Sometimes as low as $18.
They actually suffered a bit of financial damage in this repair, just to get you in the door and try to sell you other repairs when they check for free.
So, just take your car to one of the places to change the oil, and you\'ll save time and money while having someone else do the job for you.
No better than this!
For more advanced repair information, technical assistance, and more, be sure to visit my check enginelight.
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